House of Marlow, a name with strength for a brand that wants to be light, creates the falsely innocent image that the designer wants to convey through her collections. Brothel or dollhouse, you have to open the door to discover the many inspirations from which the brand comes. 

From Gainsbourg's lyrics to Verlaine's texts, from the sweetness of Klimt's paintings to the raw nudity of Purienne's cliches and the aestheticism of Virgin Suicides, the designer's wish is to bring all these influences together in one poetic and sensual image to a simple message: let the softness be carnal, your provocation delicate and your sensuality passionate.

With a romantic, soft and bohemian inspiration, the pieces are made with rich French or Italian fabrics such as soft tulle and silk satin, all hand dyed with natural dyes.

Briefs and gussets are made with Okeo-Tex certified organic cotton.

We work with fabric suppliers who provide us with stock service, which means we only buy the amount of fabric needed to produce small amounts, so as not to overproduce or have unused stock.

Small quantities also give the pieces an exclusivity.

Each set is born of a story that needs to be told. From the drawing follows the pattern, then the different prototypes until the creation of the final piece.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted in our Parisian workshop, with an attention to detail as the main priority.

During the manufacturing stages, we try to keep textile waste at a minimum, by decorating the packaging the underwear comes in.

Behind your underwear is a qualified and ethical team, which means you’re contributing to a growing ethical industry here in France.

House of Marlow was born from an eclectic mix of two different (and often dissociated) worlds: innocence and sensuality.

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